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Development Length Calculator

Development Length, l d for Tension Bars (ACI 318-08 Equation 12-1) l d = development length (in) f y = Yield strength of the tension rebars (psi) f c ‘ = Compressive strength of Concrete (psi); f c ‘ shall not exceed 100 psi d b = bar diameter (in) According to ACI 318-08, Section 12.2.4 1.

Development of Reinforcement (R25.4) The development length concept is based on the attainable average bond stress over the length of embedment of reinforcement (ACI Committee 408 1966). Development lengths are required because of the tendency of highly stressed bars to split relatively thin sections of restraining concrete.

civil engineering. Reinforcing Rebar Engineering Data . Civil Engineering Design Resources . Rebar (short for reinforcing bar ), also known as reinforcing steel , reinforcement steel and colloquially in Australia as reo , is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to strengthen and hold the concrete in tension.

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A development length can be defined as the amount of reinforcement(bar) length needed to be embedded or projected into the column to establish the desired bond strength between the concrete and steel (or any other two types of material). To develop a safe bond between the bar surface & the concrete.

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Calculation Of Development Length (Ld) / Lap Length For tor steel bars As Per IS – 456 – 2000 ( Actual Program is included in Super Civil CD): SELECT CONCRETE GRADE

Sheet thickness (in): Die edge radius (in): Punch edge radius (in): Bend length (in): Ultimate tensile strength (psi): Factor of safety:

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